About Me

My work and educational experience on the field of user research

I’m Liisa Rumberg

I am passionate about self-development and continuous learning. For me, one of the best ways of broadening my horizon has always been listening to other people and learning from their experiences. Hearing experts speaking about their field of knowledge is facinating.

Web users are the experts of their experience – listening to them tells us a lot.

We often hear that in order to succeed the businesses should be data-driven in their decisions. Yet, it´s important to keep in mind that the pure numbers are showing only half of the picture.

From the statistics we see what the users are doing on the web but we lack the understanding of why they are doing so. The reasons behind the actions can be understood only by speaking with the users and listening to them. This is what I do and enjoy doing!


User interviews

Facilitated workshops

Life is too short to keep using terrible webpages. Thousands of people can be impacted positively – one session at the time – by implementing user research finings.”

My Work Experience

Telia Eesti - UX Researcher

2017 August – 2019 May

Conducting usability testing for Telia e-shop, self-service and public web.
Planning and documenting A/B testing of campaign pages.
Tree-testing and card sorting for optimizing the menu structures.

Pipedrive - Product Researcher

2019 May – currently working

Working in the product team closely together with PMs, designers and product data analysts to explore the problems and understand the current workflows of the users. Later I help to evaluate the solution by conducting usability testing for the live product and prototypes. Facilitating usability testing workshops in-house.

My Education

UX Certificate 2019

In May 2019 I attended the Nielsen Norman Group UX Conference in London.
I covered 5 full-day courses:

CXL Institute courses

In 2020 I covered several online courses from CXL Academy. In total 6 courses worth of over 10 hours of materials.


University of Tartu

2011-2015 Sociology BA

BA in social sciences. My bachelor thesis was qualitative reception research based on in-depth interviews with theatre visitors. 

​2015 – 2017  Theatre Studies MA (unfinished)

Fully finished theatre studies MA program. My focus was on theatre sociology and audience research. 

Let’s Research Something!