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What I Do

User research and consultation

I plan and run user research according to your business needs

Workshops and lectures

I put together and facilitate workshops or lectures on user research methods


Writing articles

I love writing about outstanding or thought-provoking UX cases, research related events and books I read

User Research and Consultation

I will put together the research plan and execute the research based on your business needs. User research can help you learn why your web users are not converting or why the new feature is not used as much as you expected. Research can also help to spot opportunities and learn about your target audience’s needs and attitudes to inform your marketing efforts. I am happy to do usability testing, user interviews, surveys, card sorting, tree testing. Tell me about your questions and let’s figure out the best way to answer your questions.


Workshops and Lectures

Are you interested in learning how to conduct usability testing or how to moderate user interviews? Or perhaps you want to hear what does a user researcher do as their job? I put together practical workshops and presentations based on your interest and needs. Contact me to skill up!


Writing Articles

I enjoy writing and expressing my ideas in blog posts and articles. I find writing as a wonderful way for structuring my thoughts and spotting the patterns. In the past, I have written theatre criticism that has been published in all the major Estonian newspapers and culture magazines. Although I am not writing about theatre anymore, I still enjoy written self-expression. The topics I reflect now are user research, remarkable user experience in everyday life, and self-development. Contact me if you are looking for someone to support you with content creation.


"I trust her with testing my products and ideas because she is the kind of a person who leaves no stone unturned and deems no detail too small to consider its impact. She consistently provides us with insight vital to building products relevant to our users"

Anna-Liisa Reinson, Head of Product @ e-Residency of Estonia

"I really like how crystal clear Liisa's thoughts and talk are. She demonstrates in the most enjoyable way that she has lots of experience in user research and testing and she really knows what she's talking about."

Kati Treimann, Service Designer @ Luminor Eesti

"Liisa's clear and structured guidance can make you understand the world of user research easily. Her experience in this field makes her advices undoubtedly valuable."

Ulvi Vahtra, Service Designer @ Luminor Eesti

Make your users love your product. First, find out what is not working the way it should and then fix it.
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